Additional Coverage for Your Home

home insurance

If you own a home, you probably have some home insurance. Typically, homeowners insurance covers the structure of your home, replacement of damaged goods, lawsuits involving personal injury, and living expenses in the event of a disaster. While these coverages…

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Why Does My Startup Need Insurance?

startup insurance

Starting a company from scratch is hard work. That’s why it’s important to have insurance. You don’t want your blood, sweat, and tears to go down the drain if someone makes a claim against your business. Insurance for startups and…

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Why You Should Update Your Software

software updates

When you get those pop ups about software updates, do you update your software, or do you immediate close it? Updating or patching your software is an easy but critical way to prevent a cyber attack. Most cyber attacks are…

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Do I Need Jewelry Insurance For My Wedding Ring?

wedding ring jewelry insurance

The time after Valentine’s Day can be a flurry of excitement and emotions, especially if you now have a ring on your finger! Though it may not seem important right now, you should consider getting jewelry insurance for your engagement…

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Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

most common cyber attacks

Cyber attacks can happen to anyone. That’s why all businesses from start-ups to more established businesses need cyber insurance these days. Private information is no longer stored in physical books. Instead, businesses are moving over to digital and the dark…

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Top Spring Break Insurance Tips

spring break insurance

For many students and families, spring break is a great time to get a fun holiday in. For others, it’s a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep. If you plan on going on a fun spring break adventure…

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Ways to Save on Small Business Insurance

ways to save commercial insurance

As a small business owner, getting insurance is important for your small business to thrive. Though the factors of your business may vary from other businesses, one thing remains the same – you’ll need to protect your business. Commercial insurance…

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Winter Tires vs Winter Chains

winter tires vs chains

  If you are new to cold weather driving, it may not be apparent how to prepare to drive in wintery conditions. A common question that drivers face is when to get snow tires and when to use chains on…

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What is the Value of Your Lost Property?

value of your property

When you suffer a loss, your insurance policy can often come in to help cover the value of your lost property. However, it may not be readily apparent how they calculate the value of your possessions or property. This can…

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