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Insurance and Financial Stability

All month we have been talking about resolutions, but I’m not sure we have really touched on just how hard they are to keep. As we get to the end of January, many of us have already broken ours. I told myself I would eat better; go to the gym more, and save money. Truthfully, I figured if I gave... Read More

Local Events for Everyone in Western Massachusetts

It’s no secret the Encharter Insurance staff is always involved in local events around the Amherst area, home to our largest location. Knowing how involved they are we have them send us what they think everyone should be doing for fun this month. Check out these great local Western Massachusetts events:   Greenfield’s 93rd Annual Winter Carnival Celebration, Greenfield, MA... Read More

Local Connecticut Fun Events in January

New year means some new things for Encharter. One thing we are looking forward to doing each week in 2015 is a local blog feature that can help our Connecticut and Massachusetts friends make the most of their week. Western Massachusetts, Eastern Massachusetts, and Western Connecticut all are great places to live (and visit) and we want to share some... Read More

Insurance Guide to Travel

A fresh new year can mean a vision for a new you. Sometimes it isn’t just a resolution to lose weight or quit smoking; it may be something a little bit more exciting. Traveling more is popular New Year's Resolution, and now that it is summer, vacation plans are in sight. However you aspire to travel, by plane, train, or car,... Read More

Video Mondays: Encharter’s Resolutions

New year, new you! Last week we shared our Life Changes eBook to help you with your insurance needs that may come with the "new you" in 2015. Take a look at what the Encharter Insurance staff is aiming to do to become a better version of themselves this year. Don't worry though, our staff is still committed to bringing... Read More

I’m Quitting Smoking…Now What?

New Years Eve has come and gone, but the resolutions are here.  The real question most of us are asking ourselves is: are the resolutions here to stay? No matter what your resolution is, it can be difficult to stick with it. One of the most difficult, but also common, resolutions is to quit smoking. There are enough obvious bonuses... Read More