How Can I Use Twitter Picture Collage for Marketing?

Encharter Insurance TwitterTweet, Tweet!   Our favorite little birdie is rolling out another brand new, exciting feature. Twitter just launched their “photo collage” app which allows people to display a collage of up to four different images in their tweets. You can also tag people (or companies) in the photos without the tagging text using up your precious 140 characters. HubSpot served up some great ideas for how to utilize Twitter photo collage for your company and we have also added in some of our own!

  • Preview content: Use this to show a snip it of four of your top infographics or other great visual content! Followers getting to see not just one, but four little previews gives better odds of something sparking their interest.
  • Use it to feature something, someone, or someplace that you have been meaning to show off: Display a new product or allow your customers to meet a new staff member- or four! Picture a “Meet the staff”, but a Brady Bunch-infused Twitter version.
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial: People love tutorials and things that quickly teach them something. If you have something you can teach (or show) someone in four steps, this is a great way to do it!
  • Turn lists from your blog posts or other content into exciting images.
  • Show off your clients! This could be a great, exciting new testimonial for you to tweet out. It’s always good for people to know what others are saying about their experience with your company.

How can you see your business making the most of Twitter’s newest feature? The possibilities are huge and for a lot of them you can just use content you already have. One thing to keep in mind is that these photo collages can only be posted from iPhone and Android phones for now. This means you will have to log onto your business account from your mobile phone.


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