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Choosing the right insurance policy can be made a little easier when you have some insurance knowledge in your back pocket. At Encharter Insurance, we believe in not only helping you get the right coverage for your insurance needs, but also sharing our insurance expertise with you. Our Infographics, eBooks, insurance videos, and more can help you prepare for everything from life’s big changes to the holiday season.


Winter Insurance GuideBy using this step-by-step instructional guide, you can prepare for winter and protect your home and car.

Though it can be a fun time of year, winter weather can be extremely destructive. There are easy ways to protect your home and car from winter’s harsh conditions. With the step-by-step checklist in this winter insurance guide, you can prepare for the impending weather.  Learn more about the Winter Insurance Guide.



Winter Hazards IconWinter Home Hazards Infographic

Winter, especially in New England, can be dangerous.  Snow, ice, and wind can cause unwanted damage to your house.  However, there are easy ways to prepare your home for the harsh winter weather.  This infographic outlines easy ways to protect your home from costly winter damage.  Learn more about winter home hazards.



insurance for disasters
Insurance for Disasters eBook

People often think their homeowners insurance covers everything. But you may be missing crucial coverage for troubling disasters. Find out in this eBook whether your traditional home insurance covers common disasters, or if you should add extra coverage to your policies.  Learn more about insurance for disasters.


winter insurance claimsWinter & Insurance Infographic

Snow and ice can make for some fun adventures for those that love to ski, snowboard, and snowmobile. They can also create issues. Would your home insurance and auto insurance cover your winter claims? Learn more about insurance for winter.


12 Days of Christmas Infographic Small Christmas Coverage Icon

It’s that time of year! With all of the presents, parties, people in your home, and more things can quickly get very hectic. Check out our 12 Days of Christmas infographic and learn more. That way you won’t have to worry necessary changes with your insurance coverage during this special time of the year. Find Out in our 12 Days of Christmas Infographic here.


Fall Infographic Small ImageInsurance for Fall Infographic

Who doesn’t love fall? The foliage, weather, and pumpkin flavors are just a couple of the things that make it so great. There are some things that may have you needing more insurance coverage. Learn more about insurance for fall.


Insurance for Halloween Infographic: The Spooky Truthhalloween and insurance

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Even if you aren’t into the spook, there is so much fun to be had on October 31st. Jack-o-lanterns lit up and kids out and about collecting candy could lead to accidents. Do you have enough insurance for Halloween? Find Out in our Insurance for Halloween Infographic here.


Back to School Infographic SmallBack to School Infographic

It’s that time of year again moms and dads! If you are a little worried about being prepared when it comes to back to school and insurance, we have you covered. Check out our review of our Back to School month all picked into one helpful infographic. Read more about students and insurance.

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Weddings, Marriage, & Insurance

Weddings bring lots of important decisions and even more happy moments. Speaking with your insurance agent as a couple is something you may not think is important, but it is. There are insurance needs throughout  the planning and also some things to think about once you are married. One would think with all of the ways to avoid it happening that distracted driving would not be such an issue. Learn more in our Wedding eBook here.


wedding insurance infographicWeddings & Insurance Infographic

Is there anything more exciting than getting engaged? As you begin to plan and your big day approaches, there are some insurance coverages to keep in mind. Check out our infographic that can share not only some fun wedding stats, but also some valuable insurance information when it comes to getting hitched. Read more about weddings and insurance.


Distracted Driving & InsuranceDistracted Driving Infographic Icon

One would think with all of the ways to avoid it happening that distracted driving would not be such an issue. Unfortunately talking on the phone and texting and driving are still very common and very dangerous.Learn more about Distracted Driving here.


Spring Toys PhotoSpring Toys & Insurance

One of the best parts about spring is getting to spend more time outdoors. If this means you get to take out your ATV, motorcycles, and more, be sure to make sure your insurance policies are up to date! We have an infographic that can help guide you in the right direction. Read more about spring toys and insurance.


Preparing for Your Next Life EventEBook Photo Life Changes

Our lives are always changing and your insurance coverage is the last thing on your mind during these big changes. That’s why the insurance experts at Encharter Insurance have put together preparation tips for dealing with life changes such as an engagement, new baby, new home or new pet. Read more about Preparing for Your Next Life Event.


Ebook Photo HolidaysPreparing for the Holidays eBook

We’ve taken some of the most popular holiday insurance questions and turned them into a convenient Preparing for the Holidays eBook. For example, do you need the rental insurance coverage on your rented vehicle while visiting family? Or perhaps you’re wondering what happens if a package is stolen off your front porch. Read more about Preparing for the Holidays.



Insurance Guide to Preparing for Spring eBook
Preparing for Spring eBook

Spring means that you can bring back all your Spring toys like your boat, your summer car, and your motorcycle. It’s also a good time to do some spring cleaning, and perhaps throw some get-togethers with family and friends. One thing to keep in mind as all of this is happening – what does this mean for my insurance policies? Read more about Preparing for Spring.



Common Insurance Terms Explained!Insurance Terms Explained

Having the knowledge about the basics when it comes to common insurance terms can help you get the best coverage for you, your home, auto, and more. While our agents always invite you to ask questions, it can also help when looking over paperwork or speaking with an agent if you have  a little background knowledge. Read more about Common Insurance Terms Explained.