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Encharter Insurance offers more than just basic personal and commercial insurance! We want to make sure that we can help you mitigate risks in every part of your life. That is why we offer specialty insurance programs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Each option will go beyond your personal and business policies to make sure that every aspect of your day to day routine is protected with top of the line insurance solutions for those unique items.

With coverage available in CT, NJ, and MA, let one of our insurance experts design a specialty policy to fit your needs. See our full list of options below:

flood-insuranceFlood Insurance

Many people do not know that their basic home policy does not cover flood damage. A flood insurance policy can give you the coverage you need if you were to suffer a flood in your area. Read more about Flood Insurance.

rental-property-insuranceRental Property Insurance

When you rent a home for your vacation, depending on how long you will be there and how much of your belongings you are bringing, talk with one of our agents first about having rental property insurance coverage! Read more about Rental Property Insurance.

earthquake-insuranceEarthquake Insurance

Natural disasters and bad weather are something you can never fully prepare for, but one way to prepare is to get the right coverage. Having earthquake insurance can make your life a lot easier if your home suffered damage. Read more about Earthquake Insurance.

fine-arts-insuranceFine Arts Insurance

Anything from expensive art you purchased to an antique clock you inherited calls for specialty insurance. Our agents can help design a policy for your specific needs, with just the right amount of coverage. Read more about Fine Arts Insurance.

identity-theft-insuranceID Theft Insurance

Identity theft can happen to anyone; would you be prepared if someone stole yours? ID theft insurance can protect you from the thousands of dollars you can lose in legal fees and bills. Read more about ID Theft Insurance.

jewelry-insuranceJewelry Floater Insurance

Diamonds (and all of your favorite jewelry) are meant to be forever, but do you have enough coverage to replace it if it were lost or stolen. Check with our agents about adding a Jewelry Floater policy to your home insurance for the coverage you need. Read more about Jewelry Floater Insurance.

off-road-vehicle-insuranceOff-Road Vehicle Insurance

Taking your off-road vehicle out, whether it is a dirt bike, ATV, etc., is always an adventure. If your vehicle suffered damage, don’t make replacing or fixing your ATV an adventure. Instead make sure you have the right policy before you hit the road. Read more about Off-Road Vehicle Insurance.

recreational-vehicle-insuranceRecreational Vehicle Insurance

Your recreational vehicle is your home and your car when you’re on the road. This requires a special kind of insurance policy to keep you covered. Read more about Recreational Vehicle Insurance.

snowmobile-insuranceSnowmobile Insurance

When it snows and it is finally time to take your snowmobile out for a spin, make sure you hit the trails knowing you have the protection you need if something were to happen. Coverage in the case of an accident or other damage gives you the peace of mind that you will be protected. Read more about Snowmobile Insurance.

boat-insuranceBoat Insurance

Before you hit the open sea, lake, or even pond, make sure your boat is covered with a policy to fit your needs. Read more about Boat Insurance.

antiques-and-collections-insuranceAntiques & Collections Insurance

As a collector, you know better than anyone the uniqueness of your collection. Get a policy to fit your specific collection with the help of our agents. Read More about Antiques & Collections Insurance.

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