Picture Perfect Social Media Marketing

Social Media experts are always talking about the importance of images and your social media marketing. When images are included in Facebook posts, tweets, and more you are more likely to get interaction. That interaction makes your post more popular with your audience and more likely to be shared, bringing that post to an even bigger audience. Knowing that all of this is possible with the help of an image leaves just one question: “What should you use for images and how can you make your images more interesting?”

social media marketingRecently Social Media Examiner came out with a helpful list of easy to use tools for creating interesting, fun images. Especially if you have a small marketing department or just one person running your marketing, the idea of creating unique images seems overwhelming. While it seems that the social media clicks, shares, and other returns you get makes it all worth it, you still don’t have a lot of free time. Here are some easy-to-use tools for creating graphics for those of you not quite ready to jump to Photoshop.

Online Photo Editor from PicMonkey: This allows you to create interesting images with the help of cropping tools and exciting fonts. Aside from using these images for posts, you can also make buttons and banners for your accounts. There’s a free version and a paid version that has more options.

Canva: This free application can be used to create everything from invitations and business cards to Facebook cover photos and blog images. Don’t have the right image?  They have a stock library where you can buy images, mostly costing just $1.

Powerpoint: That’s right! That same tool you have that you use for your presentations can also be used to create social media images. You can save individual slides as PNG or JPEG and the Tabsite PowerPoint Template for Facebook cover photos can help you create the perfect cover photo for your small business.

When marketing for a small business, the above applications and programs may not be as great as having a graphic designer or paid program, but they can make your images more professional (and fun!). Keep in mind that basic images alone can give your posts a boost so even if you don’t have time to perk them up, include one in as many posts as you can! For the record, pictures of things or people currently in the news and cute puppies and babies are always a big hit.

Happy Posting! – Brittany

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  1. Alexis Horne

    Great information, now I know how to be a better “poster” on social media sites! Thanks BE!

  2. Denise

    Great info – who knew. Thanks!!!!


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