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10 Halloween Driving Safety Tips

As children get ready to trick-or-treat, you should be getting ready to help keep them safe on the roads this Halloween. Because of the number of pedestrians increases on Halloween, it is more likely that you may get into an accident involving a trick-or-treater. Use these safety tips to help keep everyone out of harm’s way on this spooky day.

Slow Down

Be extra cautious as you drive through the neighborhoods. Drive 5 mph lower than the posted speed limits to give yourself additional reaction time. Anticipating behavior on the road is important for keeping everyone safe.

Keep an Eye out

When trick-or-treaters are out getting their candy, they can be hard to spot, especially at night. Watch out for children walking on the edge of the road or on sidewalks.

Turn on Your Headlights

Even if it’s not completely dark yet, turn on your headlights so that others can see you.

Avoid Passing Cars 

Though it may be frustrating, avoid passing other cars, especially in residential areas. They might be dropping off kids.

Communicate with Other Drivers

On Halloween, make sure to use your signals to communicate with the other drivers. Use your blinkers when turning. If you are stopping to drop off kids, put your hazard lights on and wait until the coast is clear to let kids out of the car.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is dangerous. While you are on the roads, try to avoid distractions. Don’t text and drive. If you need to, keep your phone stored away and out of sight. Even taking your eyes off the road for a split second could have tragic consequences.

Turn Down the Radio

Even if you do not realize it, the radio can impair your driving abilities. You can get distracted or miss audio cues for hazards on the road. On Halloween, it’s best to simply turn off the radio. Save the Monster Mash for when you are at home.

Exit and Enter Driveways With Caution

When entering or leaving driveways, do so with caution. Children may think they have the right of way, only continue when the coast is clear.

Never Drink and Drive

If you are celebrating Halloween with alcohol, do not get behind the wheel. The consequences could be devastating. Instead, arrange for a sober drive to take you home. Call a taxi or rideshare service to pick you up. Driving, even after a couple drinks, is a bad idea.

Report Dangerous Behavior

Halloween is a day to be overly cautious. If you see someone drunk diving, report them immediately. If you see a child in danger, alert the police. It’s better to be too careful than not at all.

Enjoy your Halloween! Be careful on the roads and watch out for trick-or-treaters. If possible, it is probably best to stay off the roads during peak trick-or-treating hours. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call up your insurance agent. They can help you with the specifics of your auto insurance policy.

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