Insurance for your RV and a Fun Summer!

More and more campgrounds are going to be opening for the season, which means we’ll be seeing more and more RVs on the road. Growing up, my grandparents took us grandkids a lot of places in their RV. I have a lot of really great memories of going to Hershey, PA; Myrtle Beach, SC; and even Orlando, FL. They loved... Read More

Protect Your Collections With Encharter!

So in the midst of your spring cleaning have you come across any of your old collections; baseball cards, dolls, comic books? Don’t they bring back sweet memories? And it’s been so long, that you had forgotten you even had them anymore; but it’s those memories that make them so valuable to you. Of course, it’s their age and rarity... Read More

Contractors Insurance

Now that the weather is improving, the sunlight is shining through and homeowners are noticing the flaws in their houses that were masked by the dimmer winter light. Some people may choose to attempt to fix the problems themselves, or they may decide to hire a professional. So this is going to make all you contractors out there very busy... Read More

More Flood Facts

Phew! The Northeast can finally come up for air! With the worst flooding in years happening just a little while ago, more and more information has been coming out about the nature of floods, the limitations of homeowner’s insurance policies and the coverage that comes with flood insurance policies. If you’re still dealing with the aftermath of the soaking of the North (and even... Read More