Preparing for your Party

We have already talked about the importance of protecting yourself and your guests when you are hosting parties and being aware of the risks associated with hosting parties. However, here are some additional tips from the Independent Agent Magazine: Especially in the summer, people are more likely to have parties near water; try to avoid mixing swimming and alcohol. Serve plenty of... Read More

You’re Never too Old for a Helmet

It’s been said that you physically cannot forget how to ride a bike; once you learn it, that’s it. Most people start out when they are little and may even have the full padded ensemble to protect them in case they fall. Like that padding, Encharter wants to protect you and your family and make sure that you are using your best... Read More

Plymouth Rock “Rocks” With Their New Discounts

Plymouth Rock wants to announce their new competitive rates and discounts that will go into effect starting October 1, 2010! In a continued effort to better serve their customers, the following rates and discounts have changed and added: Better Rates for High Bodily Injury Limits Expanded Companion Discount Advanced Issue Discount Agency Transfer Discount Discounts Combine for Added Savings Mileage-Based Rating... Read More