CO: the silent killer

There are many things that we protect ourselves from every day. Whether it is wearing a seatbelt to prevent injury in the event of an accident, or installing fire alarms in our homes to alert us in the event of a fire, we like to be protected in case something does happen. Unfortunately, there were 17 people in Boston that... Read More

Hold the Salt Please

When it comes to winter in New England, I think we can all agree that although the first snowfall is a very scenic and serene event, the conditions in which we have to drive and even walk in are horrendous. I can’t tell you how many accidents I’ve already seen from the first snowfall earlier this week, but I know... Read More

Rearview Cameras on Cars

It seems like they (whoever “they” are) are always coming up with new innovations to make cars more, well, innovative—there’s the Lexus that can parallel park itself, onboard navigation systems, electric cars and, now, the U.S. Transportation Department has proposed the standard installation of rearview cameras on vehicles. This proposition has been spurred on by increasing “concerns about drivers unintentionally backing over... Read More

Stay Warm for Less

Well winter is right around the corner, and with all the great things that come with the season – the holidays, the food, the vacations – another factor to be conscious of is the increased cost of living that is embedded in New England’s coldest months. The biggest increase comes in the form of our heating bills, but there are... Read More