Your Connecticut Insurance; What Does It Have To Do With Wal-Mart’s Losses Last Quarter?

Retail giant Wal-Mart posted a 2 percent loss in revenue in its latest quarter. The titan of industry made some changes that didn’t take, and they are “suffering” with the losses. However, these figures are only accurate with U.S. sales. As a global company, Wal-Mart actually saw sales rise by 2.4%, so we won’t see them closing shops any time soon, much to... Read More

Ice Dams, Snow Load & Your MA Home Insurance

With all the snow the Northeast has seen so far this winter, we’ve been hearing a lot about the dangers of ice dams. Of course, just as important and just as relevant is the threat of roof collapse. The record-breaking snowfall means unprecedented pressure on roofs, which can lead to collapse. Here are some tips, courtesy of The Hanover Insurance Group by... Read More

Protect your Identity!

Everyone has heard the horror stories, and has either had a firsthand encounter or knows someone that has had their identity stolen. Especially in today’s desperate economic situation people are looking towards crime as a source of revenue more than ever. Protect yourself with the added protection of MA Identity Theft Insurance. The average citizen has to take precautions to protect... Read More

CT Home Insurance & Your Health

We all have our tricks to curing everyday health issues. Whether it is staring into a light to sneeze or drinking water upside to cure the hiccups, we believe to have the cure-all solution. Although we hear some weird myths, like butter heals burns, Men’s Health released 18 health tips to guide you with minor annoyances to your body. Did... Read More