Car Insurance in CT: Apples, Not Oranges

Who would have thought that Apple has a sense of humor? I’m talking about the company, not the fruit (Although I’m sure apples can be funny in their own way). Let me get back to the reason for this article, though. Apple received a returned iPad from a customer the other day that had a sticky note on the screen... Read More

Encharter Insurance: Proud Supporters of the Hitchcock Center in Amherst, MA

This Sunday, March 27th, join Encharter Insurance and the Hitchcock Center at the Salamander Sunday Brunch – their annual fundraising event – in Amherst, MA. The Hitchcock Center is known for their award-winning environmental educational program and this year’s event “is centered on the importance of reconnecting our children with nature.” In addition to a complimentary brunch, the Heroes for... Read More