Tractor Trailer Crashes Into Plane?!

It’s not every day you hear of a plane crashing or getting in an accident. When you do, it’s usually a tragedy or a story of a heroic pilot (Captain Sully). However, this story is one for the books. At Logan Airport on Tuesday, a tractor-trailer clipped a plan that had just landed, according to CNN. No one was seriously... Read More

Hello Pothole, Meet my Massachusetts Car Insurance

Everyone with a license and a car (and a Mass Car Insurance policy in Massachusetts as well) that lives in New England has had the joy of experiencing hitting a pothole. And I’m using the word “joy” very loosely. Potholes, you can’t live with them, but you could definitely live without them, but let’s face it, potholes have become a fact of... Read More

Potholes Stink; Can Your CT Car Insurance Help?

I have seen workers out in full force repairing roads, but that doesn't mean potholes aren't still lurking around every bend and turn. With the amount of snow we received this winter, and rain so far this spring, it’s no surprise that we have seen more potholes than normal and a need to emphasize the importance of pothole safety. You... Read More