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Memorial Day is Here!

The key to a great Memorial Day barbecue is the SAUCE! I hope that video gave you some tips about how to create the perfect sauce for your grillin’ party! And while you and your friends salivate over the tasty, delicious-ness of this year’s upcoming barbecue, here is something to keep in mind: having your friends and family members over... Read More

Wind Damage Coverage on CT Homeowners Insurance

The storms in the Mid to Southwestern United States are the most devastating in years. Tornadoes and thunderstorms are taking lives and destroying homes and livelihoods as they ravage the plains states. Locals had been keeping their ears glued to their radios and their eyes to their televisions for days, listening to reports that the storms were coming and waiting... Read More

Green Cars Need CT Car Insurance Too!

It seems like everybody today is jumping on the “Going Green” Bandwagon, which is great because who wouldn’t want to ensure a healthy future for posterity? Making leaps to join the environmentally-friendly party is Connecticut’s legislature. According to a recent article from Courant.com, “The General Assembly’s Transportation Committee…passed legislation that requires the state building code to be updated to address... Read More

A Mass Car Insurance Lesson from the Scouts

Headed away for the long weekend? Or maybe you have a week-long getaway planned for the summer. Regardless of your plans, if a rental car is in the picture it might be a good time to brush up on the Massachusetts Auto Insurance coverages you have an to find out whether your policy will provide you with the coverages that... Read More The car needs to be rented in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico to be covered
  •      In order to satisfy the rental car company, you must carry Collision Coverage and Comprehensive.
  •     Liability and Physical Damage coverage will transfer to the rental vehicle.
  •     Deductibles will apply as usual in the case of a covered loss.

    But you’re better off safe than sorry, taking 5 minutes to review your policy and coverages with your Massachusetts Insurance agent can save you time at the car rental agency when they are questioning your coverage and will save you stress should something happen while you are using your rental car. Vacation is for relaxing, save the stress for the rest of the time – or better yet – relieve it by always being prepared! Isn’t that the Scout Motto?


    Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Some say laughter is the best medicine, and it appears there may be some science behind that. A Japanese study revealed that laughter can help reduce blood pressure and weight. Laughing relaxes the body and releases endorphins. It is also extremely contagious, which means surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh can prove beneficial to your health. The study,... Read More