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Fourth of July Grill Safety & CT Home Insurance

With the Fourth of July just right around the corner, I am thinking about food…and not just any kind of food, but the GRILLIN’ KIND! Burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, shish kabobs, fish…the possibilities are endless. Of course, the only unfortunate thing about having endless yummy possibilities is having endless burning possibilities! Be safe this grilling season with these grilling... Read More

Renter’s Insurance from Encharter!

  Just because you aren’t a homeowner doesn’t mean that you don’t need a Massachusetts Insurance policy to protect the place that you call home. Many people that do not have a Massachusetts Renters Insurance policy feel that they “Don’t really have anything”.  But, if you really think about it – if you had to replace everything in your apartment,... Read More

No Car, No CT Car Insurance; How ‘Bout A Cow?

Here’s a headline you probably weren't expecting to see. It’s true; a 15-year-old German teenager, Regina Mayer, has trained her cow, Luna, to jump over barriers. Even more surprisingly, she trained the cow to allow her to ride on it. Wanting a horse (like most people do as a young teenager), she was disappointed when her parents wouldn't buy her... Read More

A Wind Deductible Could Save you A Lot!

Are you familiar with a wind deductible? Now that the 2011 Hurricane season is underway (according to the Climate Prediction Center) the Atlantic is expected to have about 12-18 named storms, 6-10 hurricanes and about 3-6 major hurricanes. Is your home prepared?? Knowing whether you have a wind deductible and the coverage that you will need from your Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance,... Read More