Renter’s Insurance from Encharter!

  Just because you aren’t a homeowner doesn’t mean that you don’t need a Massachusetts Insurance policy to protect the place that you call home. Many people that do not have a Massachusetts Renters Insurance policy feel that they “Don’t really have anything”.  But, if you really think about it – if you had to replace everything in your apartment,... Read More

No Car, No CT Car Insurance; How ‘Bout A Cow?

Here’s a headline you probably weren't expecting to see. It’s true; a 15-year-old German teenager, Regina Mayer, has trained her cow, Luna, to jump over barriers. Even more surprisingly, she trained the cow to allow her to ride on it. Wanting a horse (like most people do as a young teenager), she was disappointed when her parents wouldn't buy her... Read More

A Wind Deductible Could Save you A Lot!

Are you familiar with a wind deductible? Now that the 2011 Hurricane season is underway (according to the Climate Prediction Center) the Atlantic is expected to have about 12-18 named storms, 6-10 hurricanes and about 3-6 major hurricanes. Is your home prepared?? Knowing whether you have a wind deductible and the coverage that you will need from your Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance,... Read More