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After the Crash but, before the MA Car Insurance Claim – What to do after an accident

Do you remember taking drivers-ed as a teenager? Sitting through the classes might have been boring but the prospect of driving and the independence that came with it was exhilarating. Despite the excitement and utility we get from driving, there are safety concerns and risks involved. Although they are not ideal, accidents do happen and that’s when your Massachusetts Car Insurance comes... Read More

Paying Too Much for CT Home Insurance? Maybe Not

A question that our agents are getting a lot lately has to do with CT Homeowners Insurance. Clients are asking why, in this declining housing market, the coverage (and therefore the premium) on their CT Home Insurance policy is increasing:  “If I can’t even sell my house for as much as my insurance policy covers it, why do I need... Read More

Free Duplicate ID’s for Tornado Victims

When a catastrophic act of Mother Nature, like a tornado, hits you where it hurts, your loved ones and your home, it can be difficult to figure out where you need to begin picking up all of the pieces. There are the larger pieces – making sure the people and pets that your care about are okay, figuring out where you can get food... Read More

CT Boat Insurance to Beat the Heat

The Northeast has been a frying pan this week. It has been disgustingly hot, the air has been heavy with humidity and the weekend is predicted to show little improvement. Time to take the boat or the jet-ski off of that trailer and enjoy the cool lake water! Feel the breeze and the spray and cool right off and it’s... Read More

Research local businesses and protect yourself from the unexpected

As a business owner, in addition to making sure you and your business are protected from the unexpected with Massachusetts Business Insurance, you want to make sure that the other companies that you are doing business with are accountable and responsible establishments. ‘How can I do this?’, you may wonder. By searching for businesses on the Massachusetts Corporate Database you can find out... Read More

Encharter Insurance Partner in Simsbury CT

Take a look at our NEW Simsbury Insurance Partner for Encharter Insurance! My friend and I just visited Sakimura Japanese Restaurant for lunch yesterday on Hopmeadow Street in Simsbury. Not extremely familiar with sushi choices, we went with the traditional California Rolls. Coming hungry, we also ordered a few sides, such as the teriyaki chicken, fried vegetables and white rice. Not only does Sakimura have excellent service, but... Read More