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With so much damage in the surrounding area due to the Tropical Storm, make sure you have the ultimate protection with our Massachusetts Home Insurance!

According to The Republican, the National Weather Service has extended its flood warnings along stretches of the Connecticut River from Montague to Hartford, Connecticut. Minor to moderate flooding occurred this morning in various areas throughout the length of the river as it flows through Western Massachusetts. In the Thompsonville section of Enfield, where water levels impact Longmeadow and Agawam, the river... Read More

CT Insurance & Hurricane Irene Aftermath

The aftermath of Hurricane Irene is something that the Northeast will be talking about for some time. With downed power lines, fallen trees and limbs, and extensive flooding, it’s no surprise that nearly 750,000 residents in CT (including entire towns) were without power yesterday. Reports indicate that Connecticut Light and Power will be working hard to restore electricity to their... Read More

MA Insurance & Hurricane Irene Aftermath

The hard part about storms, such as Hurricane Irene, is that there is only so much preparation that you can do. The possibility of damage to your property is still very real.  So take these preparation tips provided on our preparation for hurricanes page with a grain of salt—by all means, protect your family and your property with the best... Read More

Hurricane Irene & Your CT Insurance

Well, New England…better “batten down the hatches”, because hurricane season is starting with a roar. Hurricane Irene is heading our way and will be knocking on our doors (quite literally…) this weekend. It will come with lots of rain, lots of wind and, of course, that will mean a greater potential for damage to personal property. I’ll bet you’re wondering how your current Connecticut Insurance policies will protect... Read More

CT Earthquake Insurance

It’s no lie that most residents of New England probably did not expect to feel the effects of an earthquake in their lifetimes, and yet, yesterday was an unexpected first for some people who felt the tremors from VA. Do you know what else is not a lie? Almost 90% of Americans live in seismically active areas, but most Connecticut... Read More

Earthquake Insurance in MA? Well, Yeah!

I am going to have to be honest; I never thought I’d see the day when New England would feel the effects of an earthquake. However after the events of yesterday, I was clearly in the wrong. Did you know that 90% of Americans live in seismically active areas? It’s true! And yet, very few homeowners ever consider the purchase... Read More

BREAKING: Earthquake Strikes Virginia

BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake Hits VA and NY; Tremors Felt In The Northeast An earthquake rated at 5.9 on the Richter Scale hit Virginia at about 1:40pm this afternoon and the tremors were felt here in the Connecticut and Massachusetts offices of Encharter Insurance. For more information, see this article by the Washington Post Blog. We’re hoping that everyone closer to... Read More

As one town takes control of underage drinking, you need to take precautions while driving on the road with our reliable MA Car Insurance!

According to The Republican, Springfield is working to prevent alcohol sales to minors, and the effort is working, according to the Stop Access Springfield Coalition, a community-based program funded by a grant through the Gandara Center. "In Springfield, anything that can give kids a leg up is a good thing," explains Peggy Vezina, coordinator of Stop Access and a Gandara... Read More