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$100 Stop&Shop Gift Card Giveaway!

So who’s going to win it? The New England Patriots? The New York Giants? We will find out on Sunday! In the mean time, you’re probably prepping for your Super Bowl party, or planning what you’re going to bring to the party you’re attending. Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate the biggest day in the football season with free snick-snacks?... Read More

How To Insure A House You’re Building

Building a home can be very exciting. You can talk about plans and colors and landscape and, while it is a little overwhelming, the end result is very nearly perfect! But how do you insure a house that you’re building? When you talk to your CT insurance agent about it, they will need to know a few things: They will need to estimate a... Read More

Buying Foreclosed Homes & MA Home Insurance

If you are in the market to purchase a new home, now is the time. Foreclosures are making home prices fall even lower. According to NBC news, one in five home sales in the third quarter of 2011 were foreclosure-related properties and sold for about 34 percent less than non-foreclosure home sales. Of course, this hurts those of you who... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Orange Banana Smoothie

We’re closing in on a month on my resolution to lose some weight this year, and I’m doing ok. But I’ll be honest: finding fun, healthy and tasty recipes like this sure make it easier. Try this Orange Banana Smoothie from Food Network’s Ina Garten, cuz I sure will… Ingredients 1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice (4 oranges) 1... Read More

MA Business Insurance & Questions for Business Owners to Ask

Today’s economy poses a lot of challenges to business owner’s everywhere. Have you considered the processes that make your business run? Whether you’re an experienced business leader or you’ve recently started your own business, check out IBM’s list of 41 questions that every business leader should ask: Does your organization change effectively when it needs to? How does your organization... Read More

Featured Recipe of the Week: Pizza Pinwheels

If you’re starting to think about your shopping list for the Super Bowl next weekend, consider this Featured Recipe of the Week from Encharter Insurance’s Lisa C! Lisa's Pizza Pinwheels Nutritional Info (per serving): 235 Calories – 13.1g Total Fat – 5.2g Saturated Fat - 24mg Cholesterol – 758mg Sodium – 16.4g Total Carbs – <1g Dietary Fiber – 3.9g... Read More

MA Auto Insurance & Traffic Safety Grade

Ahh, the great state of Massachusetts retains its mediocre traffic safety grade again this year. States are given a grade based on the colors: red, yellow and green. Massachusetts did not move from yellow, meaning it has “moderately positive performance” with “numerous gaps” in their highway safety laws. In 2010, there were 314 fatalities and economic costs of $6.28 billion. The state... Read More