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MA Car Insurance & Extreme Commuters

The combination of a scarce job market and a not-so-great housing market is making for a lot of “extreme commuters” according to MSN. Extreme commuters are those people that spend 90 plus minutes or longer on their daily trip to work; this includes those that take public transportation. The number continues to rise and has now reached around 3.2 million! That much time on... Read More

10 Healthy Spring Foods to Add to YOUR Diet!

Are you enjoying all that spring has the offer? This does not only mean extra sunshine and warm weather; the spring brings a whole new set of delicious and healthy foods! Our MA insurance agency has put together a top 10 list. Make sure you start to incorporate these foods into your diet before the season is over! Asparagus. This... Read More

ATV Camping & Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Do you have an ATV and you’re looking for something fun to do as the weather gets nicer? How about an ATV camping excursion? Whether it’s family fun or something new to do with your friends, taking a long ride through nature, then setting up shop in the outdoors is the perfect way to take in the nice, warm air... Read More