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How Much Does it Cost to Raise a Baby?

As a new parent, or expecting parent, you may find yourself looking for a handbook on how to raise the baby. New research on how much it costs to raise a baby in today’s world, may also have you wishing the baby came with a checkbook!  A government report that came out in June estimated that a middle-class family with... Read More

Featured Partner of the Week: Huntington Learning

Maybe the last thing your child wants to do this summer is brush up on their math and writing, but it could leave them one step ahead come September! Looking for a place to take the kids this summer or when school starts up again? Take them to Huntington Learning Center in Simsbury! Whether it’s SAT/ACT prep, state testing, high school... Read More

Featured Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Eclair Cake

It’s National Chocolate Eclair Day so it’s only fitting we treat you to an eclair-related recipe for the family. If you love chocolate éclairs, we have the perfect way for you to indulge in more than a small eclair without the guilt. What do I mean? Chocolate Eclair Cake of course! This no-bake recipe from All Recipes only takes about 15 minutes of prep,... Read More

MA Car Insurance & the Best Beaches Nearby!

Summer makes us all look forward to a couple of things: cool drinks by the water, our favorite sunglasses, lounge chairs, and laughter in the warm sun. Last, but not least…the ocean! The opportunities for taking advantage of the waves this summer are endless. Go jet skiing with a loved one, boating with friends, or canoeing with the family. Thinking... Read More

News for New Jersey Teen Drivers & Parents

A new safety measure may be in the works for teen drivers in New Jersey. Drivers or guardians of teens may soon be required to complete a driver orientation course before their teens get their driver’s license. The requirement was approved by a legislative committee last Thursday. They also approved a requirement for teens to wait longer before they get... Read More

The Median Price of Homes Across America

If you’re like me you love watching all those HGTV home buying shows. I just can’t seem to turn them off once I start watching. It’s better than some of the other reality shows out there, right? One of my favorite things they show are “what you can get for that price” segments. It’s so interesting to see how prices vary throughout... Read More