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Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance

Did you know that August is National Life Insurance Awareness Month? What better time than now to talk to your agent about life insurance? Whether you just tied the knot, just had your first child, or simply just realized that it was time for life insurance, choosing the right policy can be difficult. You have to decide if you want term... Read More

Want to Stray from the PB&J?

We all know there’s more to being a super-parent than making a mean PB&J, but kids are notorious for being picky eaters and finding the balance between healthy and tasty is always a challenge. At breakfast and dinner, it’s easy to supervise what your children are eating to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need but what... Read More

The Red Sox Season & MA Life Insurance

The summer may be almost over (can you believe it?), but it’s never too late to get into beach-worthy shape by assuming an active, healthy lifestyle in a NEW way. It’s still beautiful outside so why not have fun with your workouts? Play sports, dance, or transport your daily runs to a beach venue! Now’s the time to spruce up... Read More

Want to Save Money on Your Home Insurance?

There’s never a bad time to save money, especially when it comes to your home insurance policy. Unfortunately for us New Englanders, it’s been a rough couple of years for weather. Who would have thought we would see tornados and terrible winter storms on Halloween in the same year?  Never a dull moment with the New England weather! Unexpected weather doesn’t... Read More

Google’s Driverless Cars & NJ Auto Insurance

Have you ever been driving behind someone wondering how they ever got their license? Well, would you trust a robot driving a “driverless car” over an average American? Google recently announced that their self-driving car has now completed 300,000 miles of testing, under various conditions, without an accident.  With the average American driver getting into an accident every 165,000 miles, does this mean we would... Read More

Featured Partner of the Week: Summerlin Floors

Looking for new flooring in your home? Look no further than Summerlin Floors. This local Amherst business, located on Route 9 just minutes from Amherst Center, has been helping customers with flooring questions, concerns, purchases and installations since 1981. Not sure if you want ceramic tile or vinyl in the bathroom? Looking for a sustainably produced hardwood or laminate floor... Read More