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Video Mondays: Insurance & the New Year

You’ve been hearing us talk a lot about the holidays and how such a crazy time of year can lead to different scenarios involving your insurance policies. You’ve have survived most of the holiday season, but New Year’s Eve is coming up! We have you covered with great insurance advice for your New Year’s Eve, whatever your plans may involve.... Read More

Someone Stole My Identity…Now What?

My identity was stolen…now what? Considering all of the buzz the latest Target security breach is getting, now seems like a really good time to think about what you could do to prepare yourself for the worst. There are obviously different levels of these situations, ranging from credit card information being stolen, as is the case with Target all the... Read More

Tips for Healthier Holidays

Are you attempting to avoid putting on a couple of extra pounds this holiday season? You are probably also trying to relieve the holiday stress too. Food is usually a pretty big part of holiday celebrations. And lots of it!  It’s no wonder that so many people put on a few extra pounds this time of year. This may even... Read More

Can My Pet Eat This?

Holiday parties, decorations, and gifts are all new additions in your home around the holidays. While it may help us humans get in the holiday spirit, what does it mean for your pet? We all know by now to keep chocolate away from dogs because it is poisonous, but there are a lot of other items and foods that can... Read More

What Will I Need If I Get in an Accident?

Heaven forbid you got in an accident on a Connecticut back road in the middle of the night, would you truly be prepared?  Most cars these days are completely decked out with high-tech gadgets and gizmos meant to make life better, more comfortable, and easier.  But when it comes down to it, you might still be in trouble if worse... Read More