Keeping it Cool This Summer

Doesn't it seem like this summer has been one of the hottest for New England in a long time? Personally, I’m not complaining about some extra sun and high temperatures (I know I will be wishing for these during the first snow storm), but when it gets too humid the heat can become almost unbearable. As residents of Massachusetts, New... Read More

Utilizing Pinterest for Your Marketing

Pinterest is another social media site that gives marketers the opportunity to generate customer engagement, increase brand awareness, or drive more traffic to their company’s website.  Very simply, Pinterest is a way to organize all of the things that you like on one “board”, whether its recipes, instructions for crafts, motivational sayings, pictures, or even videos, sort of like pinning... Read More

Do Your Household Chores Faster!

Do you feel like you spend all your free time doing chores?  Living in such a busy world, it’s important to make the most of every free second you have.  Here are some quick shortcuts to expedite your chores so that you have more time to enjoy the summer weather. Let’s face it, those of us in New Jersey know... Read More

Animals Damaged My Vehicle…Now What?

You go to your car and you find damage that appears to be from vandalism, only to later discover that the cause of the damage is from a squirrel or other animal. Now what? Whether it’s squirrels chewing your vehicle or chipmunks sneaking in your open window and causing damage to your interior, it can happen. It sounds silly to be... Read More