Summer Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Are you getting married this summer?  If so, congratulations!  Weddings are a special and exciting time for you and your future husband or wife. You get to celebrate the beginning of your life together, while surrounded by your friends and family all dressed-to-impress.  But before the big day, make sure you check out this list of Do’s and Don’ts in order to... Read More

What is Social Inbox?

Hubspot recently introduced Social Inbox on July 1st, and already marketers are seeing the benefits of this new social media monitoring tool.  Social Inbox is a way for companies to monitor their customers, leads, and opportunities on Twitter.  This tool even color-coordinates the different stages that a customer is relating to your company.  For instance, green signifies a customer; orange means... Read More


Controversy with the Happy Birthday Song?

You sing it every year! The popular “Happy Birthday Song” is the topic of much heated controversy.  A recent lawsuit was filed by Warren/Chappell Music Inc. claiming they have an exclusive copyright to the song.  If you thought that this was the first time there had been a controversy, check out some of these other facts to learn the history... Read More

Understanding Additional Insured Coverage

Depending on your industry you may already be familiar with Additional Insured Coverage. If you are not, allow us to better explain what it is and how it can protect you. If you find yourself working with other businesses or in the same place as other businesses, it may be a good coverage to have. One common example is on a... Read More

Featured Partner of the Week: Cookies by Design

Want to send that special someone something unique? What about cookies? I don’t know about you, but everyone in my life I love also happens to love cookies. Whether it’s my parents, siblings, or good friends they all would love anything from Cookies by Design. Let’s be honest here, you don’t really need an occasion to send someone a cookie... Read More