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Labor Day Weekend Travel & Car Insurance

As you have seen from me on social media, I am not really trying to face the fact that it is already Labor Day. However, if you are traveling this weekend it will be unavoidable. While the recession (and gas prices) had travel cut back in recent years, this year things are looking like they will be on the upswing... Read More

Ways For College Students to Utilize LinkedIn

Social professional networks like LinkedIn are quickly growing as one of the most common ways for a recruiter to find their perfect new hire.  College students need to take advantage of this!  But, don’t wait until graduation to start creating your LinkedIn profile; you’ll be behind.  College is the perfect time to start utilizing this great networking sight and to... Read More

Understanding Jewelry Insurance

  Our eMarketing executive Alyssa Tyson sat down with our Personal Lines Sales Executive, Katie Odenbaugh to talk about jewelry insurance. Have you ever thought about scheduling an item on your homeowners insurance policy? If your home were to be broken into, you may find yourself very upset about the lack of coverage you could have on your jewelry insurance.... Read More

Becoming “Inbound Sexy”

While attending the HubSpot Inbound13 conference, my favorite quote from all the speakers was, “Screw sexy. Be helpful.” Of course, being in the insurance industry, this seemed like advice the eMarketing team at Encharter could get on board with! But how do you become “Inbound Sexy,” regardless of the industry you are in? According to a seminar by Jeff Coons,... Read More

Help Kids Adjust to a New School

It’s hard to believe we are already talking about the kids going back to school. Going back to school can be an adjustment for kids of any age. Transitioning from summer months right back into the grind of school, after school activities, and sports is hectic for kids and parents. What about those parents sending their child to a new... Read More

Featured Partners Favorites

Next week, we will kick off a new Monday blog tradition, but in celebration of our last week of Featured Partners, here are some of our favorite blogs. Don’t worry, they may not be in our site, but you can find all these great local businesses and shops on social media, on their site, and most importantly, right in your... Read More

I’m the Carpool Parent…Now What?

If you have been given the ever-important role of being the carpool parent this school year, first, we commend you. Whether you are committed to the morning drop-off, after school pick-up, or both, you could potentially have your hands full on these rides. Remain calm, bring some snacks, and have some soothing music to calm the kids calm. Once you... Read More

Facts About Errors & Omissions Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance also known as errors & omissions, is insurance for those advice or service providing professionals. This can include anyone from doctors and nurses to teachers and lawyers. The insurance provides coverage for the cost of defending against a claim of negligence from a client and can also provide coverage for damages that are awarded from those claims.... Read More

Food & Scents to Reduce Stress

The summer is winding down and chances are the feelings of stress are picking up (that is, if you have been able to keep them down this summer). Sometimes when we are stressed, it may feel like nothing can solve it.  You may already have your techniques, such as pumping iron or going for a long run or some meditation,... Read More