Video Mondays: Motorcycle Insurance

In this week’s edition of Video Monday we remind you about the basics you should know when it comes to motorcycle insurance. Chances are if you’re a motorcycle owner, you are really loving fall weather so far. Nicer temperatures means more days of riding than usual, and that is always a good thing. I sat down with Bianca, one of... Read More

I Rescued a Dog…Now What?

Sometimes you end up with a new dog in your home and you weren't even planning on it. There’s doing your research, finding a breeder, and buying your puppy and then there’s not being able to resist the puppy dog eyes at your local NJ shelter. If you unexpectedly have a new member of your family, first of all congrats!... Read More

Time to Think About Snowmobile Insurance

I’ll take this 70 degree weather throughout the whole winter and you won’t hear me complain about missing out on snow. That is the difference between me and someone that owns a snowmobile. No matter where you live in the Northeast, whether it’s New Jersey, Massachusetts, or Connecticut or how often you get to ride, having the right insurance for... Read More

How Does a Car Get Its Name?

Did you know that one of the original names suggested for the Thunderbird was Hep Cat? What about the fact that the Camaro was almost called Panther? We become so used to the names of cars that we can’t imagine ever calling them anything else. If you have ever wondered how cars are named, we have the answer! At Ford,... Read More

Insurance Advice for Married Couples

Marriage can be hard enough as it is and there are always decisions and changes like changing your name, whose family to visit on the holidays, and combining your insurance policies.  Sometimes, it’s these little decisions that can make or break a relationship too.  In order to insure that your relationship is off to a healthy start, make sure you... Read More