Fall Fire Prevention

As the leaves start to change color, you’re most likely getting excited about your favorite pumpkin flavored treat, apple-picking and Halloween.  Fire prevention is probably not the first thing on your mind, but we’re here to remind you!  Be sure to think about these seasonal fire safety tips, as well as some that applicable all year round. Once you are... Read More

Halloween Mishaps & NJ Home Insurance

Can you believe it’s almost time for Halloween?  Have you even found the perfect pumpkin yet?  Well you better get looking because it’s time to start stringing the cob webs through the trees in your front yard and decorate your front steps with jack-o-lanterns.  While you are visiting every New Jersey pumpkin patch for the right pumpkin and Halloween stores... Read More

Video Mondays: Halloween & Insurance

What does Halloween mean for your insurance? With more people on your property than most nights and candles and jack-o-lanterns lighting up your home, accidents may be more likely to happen. Be prepared for Halloween by having enough liability insurance to cover you, your home, and your family if something happens  on your property. Watch as one of our experts... Read More

When Trash Becomes Treasure

Ever heard one person’s trash is another person’s treasure? While you may not think of your NJ home as being a mecca of treasures, you never know. Check out some things that have been found in people’s very own trash that ended up being quite the valuable item. A brother and sister were cleaning out the home or their uncle... Read More