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Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat healthy? Once kids learn that things are good for you, they seem to believe they can’t taste good too.  There is some bargaining to be done, such as “no dessert until you eat your carrots” but before you continue with the gimmicks, check out these tricks. These may help ensure the... Read More

Stretches to Release Holiday Stress

The holidays and cold weather can make quite the combination on your body. When you aren’t shoving your way past crowds at the mall or cooking up that pie everyone demands each year, you’re sitting, stressing about what to do next. The stress of the holidays and the chilly temperatures can combine to really do a number on your body.... Read More

Preparing for the Year Ahead

While I do like to live by some sort of schedule, I also enjoy some adventure and spontaneity. I attribute this need to my love for marketing as well. Marketing is ever changing, and there’s always something new to learn. But with new trends and new knowledge comes adaptation to your marketing plan. While it’s difficult to foresee exactly what... Read More

How Do I Make the Best Thanksgiving Turkey?

Yesterday we talked about ways to impress your guests on Thanksgiving, today I say we get back to the basics. Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that we can still keep it simple with. It truly is about family, great food, and being thankful. Everyone has their own traditions, some may even include using special china for the occasion.... Read More

Impress Your Guests this Thanksgiving

First let me start by saying that I am not a chef and I will not be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Last year my grandmother left me in charge of checking the croissants and barely trusted me with that so there is no turkey cooking in my near future. If this year is your first year hosting Thanksgiving, don’t worry!... Read More