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Tips for Blogging 201

You see blogging advice everywhere these days – your brand should be regularly contributing to a blog on your website. Not only does it help position your company as an industry expert, but the new and updated content being added to your site forces Google to regularly crawl and index your website pages. So what happens if you sit down... Read More

We Won the Lottery…Now What?

Lottery winnings can lead to impulse buys (i.e. that dream car that you’ve always wanted…). If you’re nodding your head yes, you’re going to want to make sure that your new toy is protected. Our agents can provide you with a comprehensive Connecticut Car Insurance policy. Should it need to be replaced or repaired, we can set you up with... Read More

A Home Inventory & Your Home Insurance Coverage

Among the most important things your Massachusetts or Connecticut homeowners insurance will cover you for is your personal belongings in your home. This means that everything from your dishes and appliances to your jewelry and electronics will have the coverage you need. If your home was to be broken into or your items were to be stolen, would you be... Read More

Video Mondays: My Relatives Are Moving In

If the number of members in your household is growing due to children moving back home, in-laws or parents moving in, or friends staying temporarily until they buy a home, it's important to talk to your agent about increasing the coverage on your homeowner's insurance. In the event of property or liability damage, your existing limits may not be enough.... Read More

Why is Social Media Important for Small Business?

Skeptical about the importance of social media for your small business? LinkedIn recently did some research furthering the theory of just how important it is. LinkedIn found that the majority of small (and medium) sized businesses are using social media for their growth. Just how much? About 81% of small business owners are using social media and out of those,... Read More

We Got Engaged…Now What?

Your engagement marks a new chapter of your life together, and you certainly don’t want to start that off with a lost or stolen engagement ring and no insurance coverage! In just a few minutes, one of our agents can put together a New Jersey Jewelry Floater for your engagement ring. While there is coverage for your personal belongings on... Read More

Common Insurance Changes with Life

Life is constantly changing. Whether it’s throwing you a curveball or you’re just growing older, it’s impossible to prepare for everything. However, it is possible to plan ahead! Encharter Insurance encourages our clients to be prepared with the proper insurance coverage. It’s important to plan for a yearly coverage review in order to protect you, your family, and your assets.... Read More