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Content Discovery Platforms

You work hard to generate great, informative content for your site. While you promote it through email, your social channels, and the other basics, you may still not be getting the traffic to your site you had in mind. You may be doing all you can as a marketing team for your small business, but there are other options that... Read More

Video Mondays: Infographics & eBooks Feature

Typically Mondays are Video Mondays, but we thought that we could switch things up this Monday! As we wrap up March, our Spring into Spring month, we hope that you learned some great insurance information to help you prepare. While there is a lot of great insurance information here on our blog, have you checked out our Insurance Learning Center?... Read More

Video Mondays: What is Excess Liability Insurance?

If you're a business owner, you want to ensure that you business is fully protected. Many opt for liability coverage beyond their basic policies. The two most common business liability options are General Liability Insurance and Excess Liability Insurance. So which policy is right for your business? Alyssa sits down with Commercial Lines Account Executive, Susan Prostak to discuss Excess... Read More

Saving Green with Insurance Discounts!

We’re almost half-way through March and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means a lot of people have “green” on their mind. At Encharter Insurance, we have many ways to save some green this year on your insurance policies. There are numerous discounts that can be applied to your insurance portfolio, and our agents can work to... Read More

I Crashed My Motorcycle…Now What?

As the cold months pass and the warmer weather is upon us, everyone will be starting to take their motorcycles out for a spin! While motorcycles are great, they aren’t always as safe as traveling by car. They can travel as fast as cars without the safety features most drivers take for granted. In times of a collision, motorcycle drivers... Read More