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Does My Insurance Cover Ride Sharing Programs?

Ride Sharing Many large cities now have ride-share or Zipcar programs. Ride-share programs allow owners of cars to “rent” out their cars to people in need of transportation, but what are the insurance implications? Most insurance policies allow you to lend your car to a friend, but renting it out for money may violate the contract with your insurance company.... Read More

Insurance for Your Summer Vacation

When you think about vacation, your mind is focused on packing and relaxing- not on insurance. We want you to focus on the fun memories you will make and the exciting adventure you are about to go on. In order to have a relaxing vacation we understand that things like packing need to be done. You should also understand that... Read More

I’m Taking My Jet Ski Out…Now What?

Water activities are one of the best parts about summer!  Whether you enjoy taking your boat out for a spin or racing friends with Jet Skis, Watercraft Insurance can keep you safe.  Should an accident occur out on the water, Liability coverage would come in handy if you were at fault. Physical Damage coverage is designed to protect your boat,... Read More

Insurance Tips for the Summer Elements

Summertime is prime time for outdoor time. Fire pits, BBQs, and pool time are just some of the many exciting activities everyone looks forward to when the nice weather rolls in. The most fun activities may also include some accident-prone elements. While these may not be the essential elements in the chemistry world, below are the summer elements and what... Read More