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Video Mondays: Colder Weather Insurance Needs

How do your insurance needs change as the weather gets colder? Roads may become more slippery and dangerous to drive on, making it a great time to check your auto insurance coverage. Watch as Christine Fleury sits down to talk with us about car insurance and home insurance needs when colder weather arrives. Questions? Give us a call at 888.865.1244! Read More

Video Mondays: Avoiding RMV Lines

We have been talking a lot about sports and insurance this month, but this video topic is always worth discussing. Is there anything worse than waiting in lines for hours to do something at the RMV? Chris Ryan took some time last year to chat with us about the services that can be done online so that you can avoid... Read More

Fly Ball Hit My Car Window…Now What?

You are out watching your daughter play in her first little league game and a foul ball lands right on you windshield shattering it…now what? The good news is that if your MA auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage you have coverage for your glass breaking. Comprehensive coverage is for damage caused to your car by fire, theft, vandalism, weather-related... Read More

Video Mondays: Insurance for an RV

Other than car insurance what kind of insurance may you need to know more about for your tailgating? If you are lucky enough to be tailgating in an RV, you will want to make sure you have enough RV Insurance. Everything from a pop-up trailer to an RV needs to be insured. Find out more information in this flashback video... Read More