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Your Halloween Insurance Guide

Why would you need a guide to Halloween insurance? While there obviously isn’t “Halloween insurance” just for this time of year, there are a lot of scenarios and situations that can arise. If they do, you will want to be very sure your insurance will have you covered. There are scenarios in  which your home insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance,... Read More

Video Mondays: Insurance for Halloween Infographic

Everyone loves Halloween! You may not think about insurance coverage when you think about Halloween, but unfortunately it's a busy night for accidents. Click below to check out our Insurance for Halloween infographic that will help give you the advice you need this Halloween. More questions? Give our agents a call at 888.865.1244 and they would be happy to help... Read More

I’m Worried About Fires this Halloween…Now What?

Who doesn’t love Halloween? A fun evening of trick or treating, hopefully great weather, friends and fun could leave you distracted from extinguishing your jack-o-lantern candles. Unfortunately, this could create an issue or fire quite easily, for example a small fire to your home or even front fence. Would insurance cover the fire? Luckily your Connecticut home insurance policy extends... Read More

Why You Need Renters Insurance

Whether it is getting a place off campus in the new school year or moving out of your parents house, fall is a popular time for new renters. Everyone remembers their first apartment because it is such an exciting time. You are finally out on your own! Typically you pack up hand-me-down furniture and everything in your childhood bedroom and hope for... Read More