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I’m Worried About Coverage for Sinkholes…Now What?

Picture this you come home to find a sinkhole on your property. Yes, this can really happen. Sinkholes are essentially areas where acidic groundwater has caused the layers of the ground to become weaker and weaker until there are empty spaces underground. When this happens, those areas collapse and cause considerable damage. Sinkholes aren’t necessarily common in Massachusetts, but they... Read More

A Falling Object Hit My Car…Now What?

You just never know what will happen these days, not just in Massachusetts, but anywhere. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…wait, what is that? Have you ever thought about if you would have insurance coverage for a meteorite or another falling object? Insurance is all about being covered in every situation, no matter how likely it is. Like we said... Read More

Why You Should Consider Earthquake Insurance

When you sign off on your home insurance policy there is a sheet of paper that you have to sign as proof you understand you don’t have coverage for two things: earthquakes and floods. Do you have earthquake insurance? Just as that piece of paper states, home insurance wouldn’t cover you if an earthquake caused damage so it’s worth getting... Read More

FAQs About Roof Collapsing & Home Insurance

It seems as though the bulk of the winter snow is behind us (if it’s possible to knock on wood in a blog, that’s happening right now. I’m not exactly taking out my summer clothes, but there is hope for above freezing temperatures and no more shoveling, I think. There aren’t many downsides to the snow ending; however there are... Read More