The Best of Spring Insurance Blogs

This April the blog has talked a lot about April Fools, pranks and crazy claims, but we haven’t forgotten about the most exciting part of April: Spring! Nicer weather and some spring showers make for some predictable insurance issues. Flooding and flood insurance tends to be on people’s minds a little more this time of year. There is also the... Read More

Crazy Insurance Claims

After spending March talking about insurance needs for natural disasters, we really lightened things up this month. On the Encharter blog, April is all about pranks, wild scenarios, and, of course, crazy insurance claims. Safe to say those of you outside of the insurance industry don’t read articles frequently about the crazy claims people try to make when it comes... Read More

A Shark Attacked My Kayak…Now What?

This month we are talking all about crazy scenarios and the insurance coverage that would come into play if you got yourself into one of these crazy scenarios. Going on a vacation? April is a popular month to travel and with the weather in Massachusetts still not exactly feeling like spring you may escape to someplace much warmer. Picture this:... Read More