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I’m Riding with a Passenger…Now What?

How often do you a bring a passenger with you when you ride your motorcycle? Have you ever wondered if you Connecticut motorcycle insurance would cover them in the event of an accident? Would you coverage help pay their medical bills if they are hurt? These are questions you should know the answer to before riding with a passenger. Your... Read More

My Garage Collapsed on My Motorcycle…Now What?

You need motorcycle insurance for accidents. Everyone knows that, but what about other scenarios that can take place with your motorcycle. We have talked this month about customizing your bike and the need for extra coverage. We have also touched on those that travel and take road trips with their bike and their special Massachusetts motorcycle insurance needs. Many people who... Read More

Insurance Guide for Motorcycle Riders Traveling

There are a lot of different types of motorcycle riders. Some ride daily to and from wherever they need to be, some take trips throughout the season, and others are always up for a full-on adventure. Motorcycle riders that travel a lot may have other things to consider when it comes to their insurance. More time on the right, for... Read More

My Motorcycle was Stolen…Now What?

When you own a motorcycle, aside from accidents, one of the main reasons you must have Connecticut motorcycle insurance is in the event your bike is stolen. Maybe you park your bike outside a store and come out and it’s gone or maybe it’s stolen from your property. Either way, without insurance you will end up paying out of your... Read More

I’m Customizing My Bike…Now What?

For some people just buying a motorcycle isn’t enough. You want to make your motorcycle the best. You want to customize your motorcycle so that no one has one like it. If you are this person, you may need more Massachusetts motorcycle insurance than people that just keep their bike basic. Just how much motorcycle insurance do you need? As... Read More

Insurance Coverage for Your Ride

Did you know that May is Bike Month? It is and we wanted to take the time to help all of our bikers out there. From those that take the local trails on their bicycles, those of you that hit the streets in your Vespa or scooter, and of course the motorcycle riders. Bike Month is the perfect time to... Read More