Flood Insurance Basics

  Each year flooding causes an average of $43,000 per claim and over $3.5 Billion total in claims.  Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding, so it is important to consider flood insurance to help protect you from water damage.  Here are the flood insurance basics that you should know. What is Flood Insurance? Flood insurance helps protect a property owner... Read More

Wet Weather Driving Tips

In this transition period from the end of winter to the start of spring, the weather is wet.  From snow to ice to rain, to melting snow, it’s a wet season.  That being said, wet road conditions are accountable for a great deal of accidents.  Warm days and freezing nights can result in slippery roads.  Unfortunately, the morning commute is... Read More

Auto Insurance Basics

Auto insurance can be confusing and overwhelming.  To help you understand it and make it a bit simpler, we have made a guide to auto insurance basics!   What is car insurance? Auto insurance is an agreement between and your insurance company. You pay the insurance company a certain amount (a premium) for a specified term (usually six months) and... Read More

Romantic Valentine’s Day Road Trip Ideas

  Valentine’s Day is approaching!  This annual celebration of love is usually accompanied by the pressure to impress your date.  But this year, we’ve got you covered.  Why not take a romantic Valentine's Day road trip?  We’ve compiled a list of romantic places to visit this Valentine’s Day.  In no particular order, here are some road trip ideas for your... Read More