Understanding Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle then you need to have motorcycle insurance.  Though they offer similar types of coverage, it differs from auto insurance as auto insurance helps to protect cars and motorcycle insurance helps protect motorcycles.  They are not interchangeable. What is motorcycle insurance? Motorcycle insurance is financial protection in case you get into an accident or something happens... Read More

Insurance After the Wedding

The big day has come and gone but the happily ever after has just begun! You may think that planning the wedding was the worst of your stress, but there is still a lot to address afterwards. Once you are unpacked from the honeymoon, there are changes you will need to make, especially if you have a new last name or... Read More

Back to School Business Insurance Needs

Going back to school is an exciting time for students, parents, and business owners.  When this time of year approaches, it is a good idea to reevaluate your commercial lines policies and make sure you have adequate coverage. for your business.  While it is always crucial as a business owner to have the right coverage for your business, this time of year can be... Read More

Business Insurance for Weddings

Wedding season isn't just an exciting time for brides and grooms; it can also be an exciting and profitable time for businesses. There are popular venues such as hotels, function halls, and restaurants that are pretty well versed in hosting weddings, but it’s more and more common for brides to aim for unique locations these days. If you are the... Read More

I’m Having a Pool Party…Now What?

Are you kicking this weekend off with a pool party? Forecast is predicting some pretty high temperatures; you might as well enjoy that sunshine because in Connecticut you never know what the weather will be. Whether you are planning for this weekend or looking ahead to a Father’s Day weekend cookout, make sure you have the coverage you need for... Read More