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Dog bite insurance

What Do I Do I My Dog Bites Someone?

Though you may think that your dog is the most lovable ball of fluff, they can be a huge insurance liability! Being informed of the potential risks that go along with owning a dog can be greatly helpful in preventing accidents from occurring. If your dog does bite someone, it can be expensive. It’s a common occurrence, but not a... Read More
cyber liability insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance Basics

Cyber Insurance is a necessity for many small business these days. With cyber attacks becoming more common, it’s important that you take steps to protect your business. But before you decide to get a cyber insurance policy, it’s a good idea to understand the basics.   What is Cyber Liability Insurance? Cyber Insurance is a form of liability insurance. It... Read More
teen driving insurance

5 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents.  Text messaging increases crash risks by 23 percent. Using your phone while driving is extremely dangerous.  Distracted driving accounts for 20% of injury and property damage crashes in 2013, according to the National Security Council. Though teens are notorious for their cell phone use, adults are equally guilty of using... Read More
insurance for college students

Insurance For College Students

Back to school season is lurking again! For college students, it can be an exciting and daunting new experience. Insurance can help you and your son or daughter to have peace of mind while exploring the new college world. Whether your child is moving into the dorms or moving off campus, insurance can help protect their belongings. You never know... Read More
water damage

How Extensive Home Water Damage Can Really Be

Water damage can occur from nearly any water source, including some of the appliances that are in your home right now. Even a failed icemaker can cause water damage that can go beyond what you may initially think, especially if you are unaware that it has happened. Water damage is not something that you can take lightly as it can... Read More
top insurance travel tips

The Top Insurance Travel Tips

Summer is the time of year where everyone stuffs their suitcases to the brim in preparation for their upcoming trip. Vacation plans are in sight, school is out, the weather is warm, and it is time to get out of the house. Whether you're taking a plane to a foreign country, or a romantic little road trip down the coast, there are... Read More
green insurance discounts

Why it Pays to Go Green

There’s a movement across the globe to switch over to green energy sources. While green energy is beneficial to the Earth, it is also beneficial for your wallet. Investing in green products and energy sources can help you get discounts on your insurance. These are some of the most common discounts you may be eligible for if you have green... Read More