umbrella insurance

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance for Your Small Business

Umbrella insurance may not always be the first thing you think of when buying insurance for your small business. However, as a small business owner, an umbrella insurance policy can be useful when unexpected incidents occur.   What is Umbrella Insurance? A commercial umbrella insurance policy has two purposes. The first is that a commercial umbrella insurance policy extends the... Read More
insurance moving tips

Insurance Tips for Moving

Moving is stressful! Boxes and boxes of your stuff need to be transported from one home to a new one. Sometimes stuff accumulates without notice and suddenly the task is so much more difficult than anticipated. However, moving can also be exciting. It’s a time to restart and it’s a new beginning. Out with the old and cheers to a... Read More
errors and omissions

What Are Errors & Omissions?

Errors and omissions is a form of business liability insurance. It helps protect businesses and professions who give advice or perform services. It is also known as professional liability insurance. If your business fails to perform your professional duties or there are claims of negligence against you, this E&O coverage will help protect you.   Why Do I Need it?... Read More

How to Prepare For House Fires

A fire can be devastating to your home. In 2015, there were 1,345,500 fires reported in the US alone. These fires resulted in 3,280 deaths and 15,700 injuries. There was a total of $14.3 billion in property damage. Fires can destroy the property and its contents, and it can be life threatening. If your home catches on fire, you have... Read More