Top 10 Fireplace Safety Tips

Having a warm fire in the winter makes a home feel cozy. Though many people enjoy having fires during the holidays to make the cold weather more bearable, fires are a huge concern. Approximately 43% of all home fires involve a chimney. There’s potential for a dangerous situation, so it’s crucial to take measures to prevent home fires. Here are... Read More

Black Friday Safety

With Black Friday lurking around the corner, it’s time to start prepping for the biggest shopping day of the year! Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where stores have lots of sales going on. Though these sales may be great, it can cause a lot of commotion, traffic, and stress for shoppers. In the past, there have been incidents... Read More

Common Thanksgiving Insurance Claims

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season! Roasting turkey, spending quality time with family, and watching football are all staples of Thanksgiving. Though this time of year is for celebrating, it’s also a time for accidents. Thanksgiving Day has one of the most claims made for fires during the year. Roasting turkey is delicious, but may be more dangerous... Read More

Security Systems for Small Businesses

Keeping your small business protected is no easy feat. Though you can take measures to prevent theft, your business may still be targeted. If you own a small business, consider installing security systems to help protect your business. Here are some examples of security systems that you could implement to prevent loss at your company. Security systems can vary widely... Read More