boat company party

What if I Have a Company Party on a Boat?

Boat parties are a popular way for companies to celebrate. Anniversaries, milestones, and summer parties are all popular events. If your company is holding a party on a boat, how do you ensure your employee’s safety? One way to do that is with proper safety measures and insurance. Insurance If you are renting a boat from a chartering company, then... Read More
spring showers

Get Ready for Spring Showers!

Though spring weather is known to be finicky and difficult, it’s a signal that winter is finally coming to a close. Those snow storms, icy roads, and low temperatures are fading away and the promise of warmth is lurking. Take this as an opportunity to prep your insurance for spring too! Making sure that your insurance policies are spring ready... Read More
bed bugs

How to Prevent and Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are no joke. They can infest your entire home before you know it. And getting rid of them is an absolute nightmare. They can last a year without feeding and can enter your home on luggage, furniture, or even clothes. Being informed about how to prevent them can save you a ton of time, money, and frustration in... Read More
friend borrows car auto insurance

What If a Friend Borrows My Car?

Borrowing vehicles from friends and family can be a confusing part of insurance - what happens if you or someone else borrows a car from a friend? Who is insured? Is it legal? What if they get into an accident? It may not be apparent how your auto insurance policy works in these situations. Although borrowing a car from a... Read More