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2019 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a ritual many people have. Now that winter has come to an end, it’s time to get your home ready for those warm summer months. Spring cleaning can serve many purposes: organization, freshening up your home, or a good scrub down. No matter what your goals for spring cleaning are, these tips can help you navigate your way through.


Starting with dusting is a good option because it tends to get everywhere. Work from top to bottom to get dust off of light fixtures, hard to reach places, shelves, and other places. You can use a duster or a vacuum to rid your home of dust.

Clean your walls, windows, and ceilings

Use a dam cloth to wipe down your walls and ceilings. Often, people forget that dust and other debris can settle on the surface of your walls. Don’t forget your windows either. The blinds and curtains are a popular hiding spot for dust, so wipe those down as well. You might also want to clean off your window screens.

Tackle the Kitchen

The kitchen can get very messy very quickly. Clean off the surface of kitchen cabinets. Cleaning the inside is another good idea. Disinfect countertops and other kitchen surfaces. If you have stainless steel appliances, wipe those down with a gentle polisher designed for that surface. Spring cleaning a good time to organize messy drawers and cabinets or throw away things that you don’t use or need.

Spruce up the Bathroom

Use spring cleaning as a time to really scrub down the bathroom. Disinfect the toilet, clean the sink, and tackle the shower. Polish the various metal fixtures in the bathroom. If you bathroom has a vent, this might be a good time to clean out the filters and make sure that it’s not spewing dust. Change your shower curtain, and look through cosmetic products you might have. Toss the old and expired ones.

Clean the Floors

Vacuum up the floors and carpets. You can use a carpet cleaner and special carpet shampoo for a deeper clean. If you have wood floors, a good steam clean could be in order.

Check the Ventilation System

If you have a air filtration system or other ventilation systems, clean out their filters. Make sure that they are in good working order so that you aren’t putting allergens back into your home.


One of the best things you can do while spring cleaning is decluttering. Items can accumulate before you know it. Often, they’re things that you’ve forgotten about. Whether it’s clothes, books, children’s toys, small appliances, makeup, etc. now is the perfect time to tidy up.

Get Maintenance Done

Are there any things that need maintenance? Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to get it done! Call up a professional so they can help you sort out whatever you need taken care of. If you need to replace your roofing, fix the dishwasher, or work out some other household issue, this is the time to tick it off your list.

Do a Green Audit of Your Home

Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to do a green audit. Making your home more eco friendly helps save the planet! Use these tips to do a energy audit of your home! Even making small changes can go a long way.

Homeowners Insurance

While you may have not noticed things changing in your life, it’s possible that they did. Talk to your insurance agent about your current status. They can help make sure that your insurance is there to help protect you when things go wrong. Perhaps you’ve adopted a pet or you got rid of a trampoline. These things can affect your homeowners insurance, so take some time to communicate with your insurance agent.

Good luck cleaning this year!


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