Employee Benefits Liability Coverage

What is Employee Benefits Liability Coverage?

Many companies offer benefits to their employees. Taking care of your employees can help set them up for success. However, sometimes mistakes and accidents can happen in regard to employee benefits. Errors can result in lawsuits, headaches, and potentially financial distress. Having employee benefits liability coverage is one way to help protect your business. What exactly does it cover? Employee... Read More
reduce carbon footprint

How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Being green is something we all think about doing but making change doesn’t need to be difficult. Cutting down on your carbon emissions can help prevent damage to our planet and potentially help you save! It’s a win-win. Committing to a greener lifestyle can be easy and beneficial to everyone. Here are some simple ways to help lower your carbon... Read More
What is a Grace Period?

What Is An Insurance Grace Period?

Sometimes life can get hectic and deadlines can sneak up on you. If you happen to miss the payment for your insurance premium, the grace period can kick in. What exactly is it? Why is it important? Before you find yourself in a situation, this is what you need to know about insurance grace periods. What is a grace period?... Read More