insurance for beach home

Insurance Tips for Your Beach Home

The sun, the sand, and the water help make your beach home that tranquil getaway. Don't let hazards ruin your beach home getaway. Even if your beach home is your secondary residence, it’s still important to make sure that it’s protected. One way to do that is insurance for your beach home! Insurance is there to help protect your home... Read More
personal and commercial insurance

What’s the Difference Between Personal and Commercial Insurance?

Commercial and personal insurance have similar traits. They can help protect you and the things you’ve invested in. Whether that’s a property, car, or other valuable, insurance is there to help protect you financially in case something unexpected happens. You may be wonering what is the difference between commercial and personal insurnace? Though both types of insurance help defend against... Read More
motorcycle safety

7 Motorcycle Safety Tips for the Road!

For motorcyclists, summers are spent cruising around on your bike. When the weather is nice out, it’s time to take advantage of it. When taking your motorcycle out for a ride, make sure to prioritize safety! Motorcycles are notoriously dangerous, but practicing good safety can help mitigate the risks of an accident. Take these motorcycle safety tips into consideration next... Read More
lightning insurance

Does My Insurance Cover Lightning Damage?

It’s National Lightning Safety Week! During the summer, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and lightning can all wreak havoc. Does insurance cover lightning strikes? While it may not be a disaster that comes to the top of your mind, it’s important to think about it! You may be surprised about what is, or is not, covered by your insurance. You can also take... Read More
commercial license plates

Do I Need Commercial Plates?

While most people are familiar with the requirements of having a personal vehicle, but those that are used for business use have different requirements. What type of license plates do you need for your business vehicle? Do I need commercial license plates? Commercial Plates vs. Regular Plates What's the difference between a commercial plate and regular plates? Commercial license plates... Read More