A Balancing Act Webinar

A Balancing Act: Working While Parenting – Encharter Sponsors Webinar put on by Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce

As a women-led insurance agency, here at Encharter, we've personally felt the squeeze of working from home as a parent during the pandemic. Many news stories since March have focused on how this responsibility has fallen more often on the shoulders of women and moms across the country. When we had the opportunity to get involved with the Amherst Area... Read More
falling leaves

7 Ways Falling Leaves Can Affect Your Home

Autumn in New England is not complete without the changing leaves. As the leaves change and eventually fall, you may want to strategize the best way to clean them up. Leaving fallen leaves in your yard can cause some major damage to your home. It’s a good idea to deal with the leaves before they cause bigger problems! Here are... Read More
fire pit

Homeowners Insurance and Your Fire Pit

Thinking about installing or buying a fire pit or heat lamp for your backyard this season? From roasting marshmallows with the family to cozy nights wrapped up in blankets, they are a great way to help capitalize on the use of your outdoor space without sacrificing comfort. Before you add a fire pit to your backyard set up, make sure... Read More
spooky road trip CT and MA

Spooky MA & CT Road Trip Ideas

With Halloween looming, it’s the perfect time to take a spooky road trip! Massachusetts and Connecticut are dotted with notorious spooky sights and with Halloween around the corner, it’s a great way to explore the area with the family. Beware - some of these spots are for more daring folks! As you plan your Halloween road trip, consider stopping at... Read More