As a a women-led insurance agency, we recognize the unique challenges that women face in their professional and family lives because we live it.

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Caring and convenient

As of 2018, 40% of households are led by women and 39% of businesses are owned by women. Nearly 10 million US businesses are owned by women and have an economic impact of $3 trillion which translates into the creation or maintenance of 23 million jobs. Many women have full plates filled with competing responsibilities and goals. It’s fair to say that even in businesses and households where women may not be the owner or head, they are likely involved in many, if not all, of the purchasing decisions.


While the insurance exposures and risks may not be all that different for women and men, the buying process is. A survey of Encharter’s customers indicated that women want their insurance buying process to include peace of mind, support every step, and quick and convenient service.

Peace of Mind
Women are focused on quality and reputation. Women prefer working with a caring and trusted professional advisor who can offer the best product and provide a good value for their money. We have 17 licensed woman insurance advisors who will kindly and compassionately determine the insurance program that fits best.

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Support Every Step of the Way

Women want to be treated with respect and have professional guidance throughout the insurance process. We emphasize proactive communication and we assure that the only thing on our “to do” list is insurance. Our team has an average of 10+ years of insurance experience. With this level of expertise, we take the inconvenience out of buying insurance.

Quick and Convenient
Women have many demands on their time and insurance should not be one of them. We recognize that no one has time to waste and any free moment should be set aside for life’s pleasures. We will use every available resource to ensure the process is quick, efficient, and convenient because that is what women expect.

At Encharter, our mission is to deliver a caring and convenient insurance experience; 2 words that are notably not associated with insurance. This is what we do best!

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