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multi-family homeschooling

Multi-Family Homeschooling in MA

Usually, this time of year, students are gearing up to head back to school. But this year looks a little different than usual. Because of the effects of COVID-19, not all Massachusetts schools will be opening for students to return. Many schools are holding classes virtually, or are adopting a hybrid model for e-learning. Remote learning is a new challenge...Read More
CT home insurance expensive homes

Expensive Homes & CT Home Insurance

Connecticut is dotted with beautiful homes, sweeping green lawns, and views of the water. Although homes in CT are gorgeous, they are also notoriously expensive. CT ranks among the most expensive states to live in year after year. Call us at 413.475.7283 to chat more about your CT home insurance! Complete our online quote form today As you browse for homes,...Read More
home renovation insurance

Insurance and Your Home Renovation

Home is where life happens. It’s where you raise kids, host family gathering, and live your life everyday. Renovating your home can be a huge undertaking. Protecting your home during and after making improvements is important. Having insurance can help you if something unexpected happens. Before you begin your home renovations, learn how your insurance can impact your home renovation...Read More
homeowners insurance in Massachusetts

Where To Find Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

Shopping around for homeowners insurance in Massachusetts is the first step of the insurance buying process. But where do you start? It can be overwhelming trying to navigate all the different policies, insurance providers, and coverage options when it comes to buying homeowners insurance. If you are looking for homeowners insurance in MA, this quick guide can help you get...Read More