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Refinancing Your Home and What That Means For Your Insurance

Even though mortgage rates are at their lowest in decades, homes are not being refinanced.  According to Jack Guttentag, a “Mortgage Professor” at Yahoo! Finance, lending agencies “have reacted to their excessive liberality before the crisis by becoming excessively restrictive in the aftermath.” This is becoming an increasing problem for both borrowers and lenders.  Borrowers need to refinance, and lenders... Read More

NE Snow & Ice Control Expo Next Week!

Well, Encharter Insurance is about to get ready to do a lot of traveling! We've got some expos to attend, so be sure to stay tuned by following our updates on Twitter© and Facebook©. But for now, the one coming up next week should be lots of fun! We’re going to be in Marlborough, MA at the New England Snow & Ice Control... Read More

Liquored Up = Liability Up

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The holidays are inching closer, the spirit of catching up with friends and family, and celebrating with nights out will overcome the masses. It’s time to get your listing up on Foursquare so that your patrons can let everyone know that you are the best bar in town! But, when this happens and... Read More

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

There are certain things that light up our eyes and our hearts when thinking about the holidays. Some of them include toys and ribbons and Santa’s reindeer. For others it is a good holiday party that gives co-workers a good story for work on Monday. But I think we can agree that one thing everyone loves above all, is a... Read More

A Head (of hair) Above the Rest

It’s one thing when professional athletes take their hair to the next level; Manny Ramirez, Shaun White, Ron Artest but, it’s quite another when their do has a $1 million insurance policy on it. According to Insurance Journal, Head and Shoulders has decided to insure “the long, flowing black hair that tumbles out of NFL star Troy Polamalu's helmet” through Lloyd’s... Read More

Happy Election Day!

It’s Election Day! Get out and vote! Of course, there will be lots of other people heading to the polls too, so keep a wary eye out. And to help you drive safely, here are just some driving tips to keep in mind, courtesy of RoadTripAmerica.com: Pay attention Don’t speed Don’t drive impaired Wear your seat belt Look down the... Read More

Accidents Happen

It was a serious meeting concerning American and ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) economic cooperation in New York on Friday when Benigno Aquino III, President of the Philippines, was made aware that his country’s flag had been raised upside down behind him. This is the traditional symbol used in the Philippines when the country is going to war.... Read More